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????????????????????????????????????????Alzheimer’s Disease is often classified as “old age disease” because it is associated with memory loss, absent-mindedness, and cognitive impairment.   Affecting mostly seniors over age 65, this form of dementia can be dangerous, especially in advanced stages. You often hear of the elderly wandering into the streets and forgetting their way home. Alzheimer’s makes you forget familiar streets and faces, and it can be emotionally devastating when your grandparents or parents forget who you are. This disease also has an impact on personality, mood swings, and speech.

If you are the primary caregiver for your loved one, you know that juggling between taking care of your loved one, your kids, spouse, and other responsibilities takes a toll on your health. Eventually, having too much on your plate will push you to mental and emotional exhaustion! Before it gets to this point, call for help and get a respite caregiver who will divide the responsibilities in the home. Trained professionals can assist with personal care, grooming and hygiene, meal preparations, medication reminders, lifting and transferring, and so much more. Give yourself room to breathe, and you will feel a lot better knowing that you are taking care of your loved one and your own health.

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